possibility should be endless
not friendless


My first novel, Absolute Horror, is now available for purchase at CreateSpace! Thanks to everybody who supported me!

We are currently looking for creative contributors to write content, reviews, take photographs, and create art and tutorials for creativity for our website. If you have an idea or want to discuss this in depth, please contact us!

Octivium is a web design and creative company based out of Richmond, Virginia.

We believe that with creativity and collaboration, anything is possible. Octivium serves many purposes.

If you are looking for consultation or design work, you can contact us via e-mail to set up a free consultation.

If you are looking to find like-minded creative types (artists, musicians, coders, writers, gamers, etc.) to start that perfect project, contact us and we will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

At Octivium, we want you to be more than satisfied. We want you to be inspired.

Please Note: Our site is currently under construction. Please check back for constant updates as we expand the design and functionallity of the website.