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I have joined Thumbtack as a way to offer a variety of services to individuals or company's looking for specialized talent for specific projects. I encourage anybody to use Thumbtack to find or seek work in any field you can think of. I was able to get web design work and find a publisher for my novel in the same place. Highly recommended.

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Feel free to contact me if you would like any part of this project. You will get full credit for any contribution.

services offered

Our core services are based around web design and programming, though our resources allow us access to various skill sets across the spectrum of creativity. We offer competitive prices and solid service guarantees.

  • Web Hosting
  • Web Design: HTML5, CSS, SEO, Analytics, Responsive, php, database (sql, mysql) administration
  • Open Source: wordpress themes, wordpress plugins, joomla themes, magento add-ons,
  • Design: Logo design, web layouts, advertisement materials, book covers, photoshop, advertisement design, custom vinyl toy or art prints
  • Creative Writing: Manuscript editing and proof reading, article editing, story and script design, formatting and layouts, printing
  • Comic Books: Story editing, inking/coloring, formating, layouts, printing

what is octivium?

Octivium is a creative hub. I liken Octivium to a dating website for creative types. I want it to be easy for people to find the type of collaberators and projects they want to work on while using dynamic algorithms to match projects and creators with members who have common goals and thought processes as well as complimentary skills. Octivium will also offer help, tutorials, reviews, and other content involving a multitude of creative endeavors, to include:

  • Web Design
  • Programming
  • Board/Table Top Game Design
  • Video Game Design
  • Video Game Programming
  • Creative Writing
  • Vinyl Art
  • Miniature Figure Art
  • Comic Book
  • The list goes on...

It will take patience and collaboration to reach a majority of these goals.

What Does Octivium Mean?

Octivium is a mix of two words, "Oculus" and "Trivium". It also looks and sounds a bit like the word "Quadrivium".

  • Oculus
    A curcular opening in the center of a dome or a wall. The eye.
  • Trivium
    "The Three Ways" or "The Three Roads". The Trivium, in midieval universities, comprised of three subjects: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. These were the foundation of an education on liberal arts.
  • Quadrivium
    "The Four Ways". After the Trivium, the student was ready for the Quadrivium, comprising of arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. Together, the Trivium and the Quadrivium comprise the seven liberal arts.
  • Octivium
    A combined collective of practical and creative knowledge with the purpose inspiring and enhancing vision and fueling innovation. A hub of learning, sharing, and creation without limitation.

why octivium?

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