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We will give an honest review of your book or writing and post it to our blog and Amazon...free of charge!


Any creative endeavor you attempt becomes easier with like minded individuals. Let us help you make your ideas a reality, wha

Costume and Prop Design

These days, conventions have turned into a year round Halloween of sorts for all ages. If you are looking to finally put toge


Editing a piece of writing you are proud of, be it a short college essay or a full length novel, can take the fun out of the

Custom Collectibles

Jealous of that friend who has a one-of-a-kind Storm Trooper action figure painted like The Punisher? Are you a fan of the vi

Web Design

We are proficient in both back end development and front end web design. Rather you need a small business page or a large sca


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Crippling Debt

The first phone call came as we sat down to dinner. I had been expecting calls from potential employers or recruitment offices, so I was excited when I heard the ring tone. I was nine months into the job search and our savings were running dry. Though it was six in the evening where we

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Customer Service: Our Horror Story

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So here it is. After I posted my customer service satire yesterday, a couple people didn’t quite get the point. That and as we try to tell our story and warn people off of this particular individual, we are having problems with all of the appropriate images being posted to back up the story. Therefore,

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Customer Service: A Satire…

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Recently, we had a terrible experience with an individual while ordering a couple of sugar gliders pets. I may post the full details of the experience in a follow up post, but for now, I wanted to write this to give everybody an idea of what this situation felt like if the person had been

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Absolute Horror, my first novel, published!

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Yes, my novel has finally been published and is available for purchase here: https://www.createspace.com/4503716   To everyone who helped, pushed, read, complained, offered advice, and listened to me talk for years about a novel I’m sure they thought didn’t actually exist…I think, from the bottom of my creative being, that it is worth the read.

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Six Pretty Petals

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UPDATE: This story was accepted and published by Creepy Pasta as of February 13th, 2015. This short story can also be read by clicking here. I woke up that Saturday morning to an unexpected breeze, cool and pleasant, against my cheek. I kept a fan on myself while I slept during the warmer seasons, but

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No, I Don’t Want No Drugs…(How I Became a Mother)

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Before I became a mother, I never considered the act of childbirth. Frankly, it didn’t concern me much. It wasn’t until I found out that I was pregnant that I began to educate myself on the subject. Knowledge is power, right? To me, the thought of bringing a life into this world seemed like a

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The work that I have had the pleasure of seeing first hand by Rob is astounding. Attention to detail is incredible as well as the sheer amount of craftsmanship and dedication put into his products. He is in my opinion the man you want sculpting for you.


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