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Who I Am

My name is Rob Nichols. I do far, far too many things.

By profession, I am a web developer/designer/consultant who now has a Master’s degree in Business and IT Management. Basically, I am an IT person you can actually have a conversation with.

I do other things, as well. I offer my skills and services for most of them here on this very blog, or the accompanying website. What kinds of things?

  • I turn dreams, nightmares, and random thoughts into prose and literature for the masses! (aka, writer/author)
  • I help others turn their dreams, nightmares, and random thoughts into anything they want, as long as it isn’t Star Trek fan fiction…(aka, editor/reviewer)
  • I create masterful works of art that grace the cover of books, business fronts, and propaganda! (aka, artist/graphic artist)
  • I turn dull, lackluster toys into works of pop culture, mash up, comedic art! (aka, toy customizer)
  • I build things that make men feel like super heroes and women feel like…super heroes! (aka, costume and prop designer)
  • I perform with such eclectic fervor that I would put any court jester to shame! (aka, entertainer, musician, comedian, sleight of hand artist)
  • I suck at brevity! (aka, I really suck at brevity)

Far, far too many things. Thing is, though my skill levelsĀ  are varied, I feel competent enough to offer my advice and services across the board. I’m a huge fan of collaboration and mixing/matching talents to create fun projects and environments where awesome results are all but guaranteed.

In April of 2015, I self-published my first novel, Absolute Horror. With the exception of a few awesome friends and family members who Beta read for me, I did every piece of editing, formatting, design work, and of course, writing by myself. It was an eye opening, exhausting, frustrating experience…but I loved it. I’ve got plans for a sequel and two other writing projects in the pipeline. I hope, if you’re into reading, that you’ll give it a chance. You may just like it.

Head on over to the appearances page if you’d like to book me for an event! Otherwise, kick of your shoes. Read a post or two. Contact me about doing a children’s book about making virgin appletinis for upper class toddlers.

I’m an open book with an open mind.

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